Introduction to the Crown Media Web Site

Welcome to the Crown Media Corporation Web site.  The Crown “family” of businesses are centered around the concept of developing unique media in a rapidly changing content and digital world.  We are focusing on four basic areas.

Business to Business – Here is where we will provide production services to your company.  This includes copywriting, talent, pre-production, production and post -production, including music and sound  production.

Consumer – We write and produce music and for those of you who live in the Southeastern portion of the United States, our bands will perform any or all of our 3 show styles in your community.

Education – Does anybody question the need for creative curriculum for both children and adults?  Our gifts are a wide range of educational experiences that include school children of all ages and a good working knowledge of the training requirements for business and industry.

Forums – The Internet has made it possible to open and engage in new forms of communication.  Our goal here is to stimulate new ideas and audiences and to provide people worldwide with 21st century viewpoints, guides and mentors.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years and in that time we’ve produced media for major corporations, education, and commercial TV.  We are comfortable with using all traditional media elements and as many of the new ones that are available given the constraints of budgets and time.

If you’d like, play this introductory video and discover what Crown Media is all about.

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